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Truecaller: Caller ID & Block Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets is available to download for free. It is the only app you need for safe and effective communication.

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Truecaller Premium APK for Android

With a community-based spam list that is kept up to date by millions of users around the world, this is the only app you need for safe and effective communication.

Clean out your thoughts and your inbox.

If you don’t have a way to deal with unwanted messages, your inbox becomes a breeding ground for scams that try to catch you off guard. An anti-spam app like Truecaller on your phone will reduce the risk. It’s a waste of time to answer spam calls.

Ply store

Truecaller Stop calling you now!

It’s a flexible app that does more than helping you manage your messages.

You could get spam if you checked the “Terms of Use” box without reading it. A lot of free apps collect information to sell to marketers. Most of the time, it’s hard to keep up with our inboxes because of the telemarketers who call us. Some of us fall for scams or waste time trying to get rid of them.

Be smart.

This app will let you block calls and texts from a number you don’t want to talk to or receive. It’s an excellent way to fix the mistake of telling too many people too much about ourselves.

Truecaller is a helpful app that can also use to back up your contacts. It will automatically save your history, contacts, and more to your Google Drive. When it’s time to restore your contacts, you must give the app access to your storage.

Truecaller Premium perks

By signing up for their “premium” plan, you can get rid of ads and access more features. The “Who Viewed My Profile” tab is one of these features. It lets you see who has looked at your contact information. You can also record your calls with your permission to stop fraud.

Where can this program be run?

Both iOS and Android phones and tablets can use the app. Put this app from Sweden on your devices to keep them safe from scams.

Is there something better?

Showcaller is another free anti-spam app that you can use even when you’re not online. It also doesn’t have any ads and lets you record calls. On their website, you can also report spam and read through a list of scams.

Our take

With this caller ID app, you get so much more than just an anti-spam service. Even though it’s free, their service works well on its own. The $17.99 fee for an annual subscription will be money well spent.

Should you get the file?

Totally. Join the 130 million people who use TrueCaller daily and jump on board. There are also features of Truecaller that haven’t been found yet.


Features of the App

  • This app lets you talk to your friends and family for free.
  • Identify every unknown SMS by itself.
  • Spam and telemarketing SMS messages are blocked automatically.
  • Block people by name and number.
  • The best Caller ID in the world will tell you who is calling.
  • Block spam and telemarketers
  • Find out who called you by looking at your call history.
  • Call Recording: Save essential phone calls to your phone by recording them.
  • Flash messaging lets you share your location, emojis, and status with your friends in a flash.
  • Call logs, contacts, and messages, and can back up settings backed up to Google Drive.
  • How Group Chats Work
  • A way to talk to anyone on Truecaller in a safe and private way
  • Join the groups you’re interested in
  • You’ll only get a message if you accept an invitation.
  • Keep your phone number to yourself.
  • Chat in groups without giving out your phone number
  • No more fake people in a group
  • Check out everyone’s Truecaller profiles.
  • Truecaller International LLP

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